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Kik Windows Review

Kik Windows Review

Something that I’ve noticed get more and more popular in the past few years is the non-texting messaging app. Everything from WhatsApp to Facebook messenger offer some pretty interesting alternatives to the old-fashioned way of texting. Well, we’re going to look at one of the big names in texting-but-not-texting today: Kik Messenger. The Windows Phone version. Yes. On to the next section!


What Is Kik Messenger?

Despite me not knowing how its name has any significance when it comes to messaging (I guess you “kick” topics around?), Kik is an online system to send messages. In addition to your typical text and emoticons, you can also attach images if you’d like. So, overall, it really does remind me of your basic text messaging system. But I’ll reveal my true opinions in the next section, which I’ve brilliantly titled “How Is It?”


How Is It?

Overall, Kik is a pretty basic system. There’s really not too many bells and whistles included in the app. (Which is a very weird saying. What’s actually improved by bells and whistles? Unless you’re a gym coach that rides a bicycle. But that would be ridiculous.) Using the app is pretty simple, as all you need to do is search for the username of the person you’re trying to message. There’s only your typical emojis available, although there are apparently extra stickers you can buy on different operating systems. However, you do have to pay for them. So it looks like you’re not missing out on too much.


The Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re just looking to message somebody over Wi-Fi and keep things simple, Kik is a good way to go. My only real problem is the overall lack of personality on the app. But if it was flashier, I might like it less because that would take away from the simplicity I raved about. So what am I saying? I’m not really sure.

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