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Marble Maze Windows Review

Marble Maze Windows Review

Sometimes it can be refreshing to try an entirely new game. Something that doesn’t have the word Candy Crush or Angry Birds in it. However, it can also be a bit of a risk. You see, when you try out something with an established name, you’ve got some expectations in terms of quality. Well, that’s not exactly the case with all new apps. Am I talking about the app I’m reviewing today? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out, won’t you? Let’s take a look at Marble Maze for Windows Phones.


What Is Marble Maze?
First off, I’d like to say that the title of this game is just a bit misleading. By which I mean the title has absolutely nothing to do with the game. You see, there really are no marbles to be found in the entire game. And as for the maze, well, it’s less of a maze and more of an… endless loop? I’ll get into that later.


How Is The Game?
Marble Maze is definitely not one of the best games I’ve tried on the Windows Store. And, considering some of the strange apps I’ve reviewed in the past, that’s really saying something. The game is seemingly all about traversing the levels and finding the exit. Well, I found the exit after a while but never actually figured out how to open it. Do I need a key? Was it a fake exit? I’m not sure.. I gave up before I found out.


The Bottom Line
While I’ve tried out a number of games I didn’t enjoy on the Windows Store, very few of those were downright frustrating to play. Well, Marble Maze might fall into that category. The controls are difficult to get used to, there’s not much going on visually, and I couldn’t even really figure out how to beat the first level. Which seems pretty essential when you’re playing a video game.

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