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More Weird Windows Paid Apps

More Weird Windows Paid Apps

I’ve already done a spotlight on some strange Windows Store apps that, strangely enough, actually cost money. However, is it possible there’s even more weird apps available on the Windows Store that you have to pay for? Considering the large number of weird Windows apps I’ve already spotlighted, I’d say definitely. Let’s take a look at the sequel to my original list: “Weird Windows Store Paid Apps 2: This Time It’s Slightly Weirder”. Or just “More Weird Windows Paid Apps”. Yeah, I like that better.



Much like the Flashlight+ app I spotlighted in the last list, Social+ is a paid version of something you can find for free on any phone. Only in this case that free thing is Facebook. Social+ claims to be an advanced Windows Phone client for Facebook. But wait…isn’t Facebook already available on Windows Phones? And for free? And the app has 1263 ratings, meaning at least 1263 people have actually paid for it? Is this some kind of strange Twilight Zone episode?!?


Talking Monkey

Now, to be fair, this one I could mildly see actually playing around with. If it were free that is. You see, Talking Monkey appears to be just what it says: a talking monkey. And, were it not for the price tag, I may or may not be pretty interested. After all, it is, you know, a talking monkey. So every person’s dream. However, it’s still probably not worth cracking open the old wallet.


Create A Old

I have a number of questions with this app. First of all, what is going on with the title? Is it trying to say “create an old person”? Is “create a old” some kind of hip new catchphrase I’m too old to understand? Whatever it is, the title is the first thing that seems off. But what does this app actually do? From what I can tell, it makes you look older. Can’t I just let that happen gradually instead of paying an app to do it?



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