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My Piano Phone Windows Review

Musical mobile apps are a very fun thing to use. Well, they’re especially fun if you actually know how to play an instrument. However, they’re still pretty enjoyable to mess around with if you’re not a musical prodigy. Plus, didn’t that guy from the Gorillaz record an album totally on his phone using one of those musical apps? Maybe that was just a dream I had. Anyways, today let’s look at My Piano Phone, a Windows app for jamming on the go. Do the kids still say jamming these days?



The Basics

As you could probably figure out (I hope), My Piano Phone is an app for using your phone as a portable piano. The app has quite a few features, such as moving around different parts of the keyboard and switching around instruments. Additionally, there is a full drum kit to play around with. Which, as somebody that doesn’t know piano, I enjoyed greatly. Because drums are much easier than piano. And drum solos are much more fun than piano solos.



Is It Worth Downloading?

Despite my lack of piano prowess, I really had a good time playing around with My Piano Phone. There’s an interesting assortment of sounds available, a full drum kit, and they can even teach you a few different songs. Well, not me. This dog is too old to learn new tricks.



The Bottom Line

My Piano Phone brings to the table exactly what you’d expect and more. My only real issue was with the size of the digital piano keys. I felt like they were a bit too small, as I had to focus very hard on hitting the right notes. Maybe if there was a setting to increase the size of the keys themselves I’d enjoy it a bit more. Or if we, as humans, began to develop smaller fingers over the next few centuries for using these types of apps. Either way.

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