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Netflix Windows Review

Netflix Windows Review

Netflix is one of those things where the name is synonymous with something. Like how when you search something online you generally say you Google it. Well, people may have used to say Ask Jeeves it. But I don’t think they exist anymore. Sorry, Ask Jeeves fans. I’m getting a bit off topic here. Let's look at the Netflix app on Windows Phones. How is it, you may ask? Well, I’ll answer you with my extremely special “Netflix Windows Review”. Will it answer all your questions and exceed your expectations, leaving you in a state of shock and amazement? Possibly.


What Is Netflix?

While the company used to be best known for mailing DVD’s to you (which feels weird typing nowadays), Netflix is now known more for their streaming content. They’ve got everything from their own original shows to entire series available. Like The Flash, which I’ve become totally hooked on. But I’ll get into how easy it is to watch a few hours of Netflix and forget you have to get back to work later. I’ve got a show to watch first.


How Is The App?

Netflix itself has a great amount of content. Besides their constantly expanding roster of original shows, they’ve also got tons of series and classic movies on demand. In addition, the app is very easy to use, as you can pretty simply scroll around different genres. Netflix also does a great job of giving you suggestions based on other shows and movies you’ve watched. So, for me, a whole lot of comic book shows and movies. I like what I like.


The Bottom Line

Overall, there’s a reason Netflix is so popular. They’ve clearly done a great job of not only putting together some amazing content, but making an app that’s easy to use and allows you to experience all the wonderful entertainment away from the TV. And when I say experience the entertainment, I mean stay in on a Saturday night enjoying a nice Netflix marathon.



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