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No More YouTube App On Windows Phones?

No More YouTube App On Windows Phones?

YouTube is a really wonderful website. While many people believe it to be little more than a collection of adorable cat videos, it’s much more than that. It’s only 50% cat videos. The website is actually a plethora of interesting content, from self-made series on the level of actual TV shows to music videos. However, will you still be able to see all that wonderful content if you have a Windows Phone? Will a Windows Phone keep you from ever watching “Charlie Bit My Finger” ever again? Let’s find out.


What’s Happening?

If you’re a huge fan of perusing YouTube videos and love to use the app on your Windows Phone, I’ve got some bad news to break to you. Although if you read the title of this article you may already know the bad news. The YouTube app has officially been removed from the Windows Phone store. We hardly knew ye, YouTube Windows app. Seriously, I didn’t use it much so I hardly knew ye. Ye meaning the app.


Wait, What?

That’s right, my friends. In a recent effort to improve the store as a whole, Microsoft has begun getting rid of many apps that they consider less than quality. And, apparently, YouTube is among the apps that didn’t meet Microsoft standards. While some claim the app wasn’t too fantastic to begin with on Windows, it’s still strange to see such a big name leaving Windows Phones.


What Does This Mean?

The removal of the YouTube app seems like pretty odd news. Considering the system already lacks many major apps, finding out they’re getting rid of a big-time application like YouTube might not bode well for their future. Will this make the creators of apps such as Pokemon Go or Snapchat more hesitant to release their apps on Windows devices? Only time will tell.



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