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PacMaze Windows Review

PacMaze Windows Review

A prevalent theme in my app reviews has been finding and calling out ripoffs. Perhaps it's because I want justice for the hard working developers who are having their games plagiarized. Perhaps I am a fighter for virtue, wanting to always strive to battle wrongdoing in any form. Or perhaps it’s because it’s pretty darn fun to see how strange some of these ripoffs can be. Well, while today’s app is by no means the strangest I’ve ever played, it’s still undoubtedly a ripoff. And isn’t that all that matters? Well, kind of. Let’s take a look at PacMaze for Windows Phones.


What Is PacMaze?

From the pretty blatant title, you can easily tell that PacMaze is more or less a ripoff of PacMan. Well, except with a maze instead of a man. Which is weird, because I never thought of PacMan as a man. I guess I always saw him as more of a little piece of cheese that was always hungry. Am I getting off topic?


How Is The App?

While at first glance this looks like a simple copy and paste of PacMan, there are actually a few differences to be seen. You see, classic PacMan is a pretty simple maze you move around by just hitting the direction you want to go in. PacMaze, on the other hand, features a much more complex maze that requires you to constantly hold the direction you’re going in order to move around. Add that with a reduce in speed and you’ve got a game that pales in comparison to the one it’s attempting to emulate.


The Bottom Line

Like most games that are ripoffs for the most part, PacMaze is not one of the better games I’ve played. However, it’s not like I really expected too terribly much from the app. Despite its cool graphics and some interesting ideas, PacMaze is a bit too frustrating to be as fun as PacMan. Also, how have they not been sued yet? Just putting it out there.

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