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Pixel Pokemon Windows Review

Pixel Pokemon Windows Review

It’s been quite a while since I’ve reviewed a game for the Windows Phone platform. My memories of Windows Phone games are, well, a bit mixed. You see, while I’m sure there are plenty of great games available on the platform there’s also, well, lots of strange ones. Many were straight up ripoffs of other games or just weird unto themselves, like that one where you play as a grandma running into cars. Which was actually as fun as it sounds. Today, let’s take a look at Pixel Pokemon for Windows Phones.


What Is Pixel Pokemon?

Pixel Pokemon is a bit of an interesting case. You see, when I first downloaded the game, it announced itself as “Pixel Go”. So, is this some kind of ripoff of Pokemon Go? Nope. It’s actually called Pixel Pokemon once you download it. Does it have anything to do with Pokemon? Nope. But there are pixels in it if that makes you feel any better.


How Is The App?

Oh, where to begin with Pixel Pokemon? Like I said, the app has nothing to do with Pokemon whatsoever. So I can’t really call it a Pokemon ripoff. You begin as a man holding a club. From there, a bunch of penguins approach, and you must either jump on them or hit them with your club. I’m not even joking.


The Bottom Line

Pixel Pokemon, as you can guess, is not my favorite app. Let alone the strange violence against penguins, the app is pretty much impossible to play. I never got past the penguin with the spiky shell on its head. And I never thought I’d type that sentence. So I’m not exactly sure what this app was going for. Did they just use the word Pokemon in the title to get people to download it? Well, I guess that did work to be fair. I mean, I downloaded it after all.



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