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Pokemon Go Should Come To Windows Phones

Pokemon Go. It’s the two words you’ve been hearing over and over since the game came out. It’s the game you’ve seen everybody play as they look at their phone while walking down the street. As opposed to all the other apps they used to use while walking down the street. However, the game has yet to make an appearance on Windows phones. The game has no doubt been a huge hit, but only for Android and iOS phones. Where’s the love for the Windows users? Did somebody at Windows say that Digimon is better than Pokemon? (THE AUDACITY!) Let’s go over why Pokemon Go should definitely get on Windows phones ASAP.



It’s Good For Windows Phones

While this may be the simplest reason to put Pokemon Go on Windows phones, it also makes the most sense. People are obsessed with Pokemon Go right now, meaning there’s money to be made. And who doesn't like money? Adding Pokemon Go to the Windows Store would definitely translate to some easy revenue. After all, those Lucky Eggs aren’t cheap. Sorry, I’ve been playing the game way too much.



May Prevent Brand Switching

Because this game is so huge, people are going to want to play it. And that means somebody with a Windows phone and a love of staying trendy won’t think twice before ditching their Windows phone for a Samsung. If Windows wants to keep their user base, getting fantastic apps such as Pokemon Go is a must.



So What’s The Deal?

I’ve heard many Windows users frustrated by certain essential apps being left off of their choice of phone. Don’t you think putting the hottest app in the world right now would be the perfect way to get back in everyone’s good graces? Heck, it may even win over some people that have switched from Windows phones in the past. Plus, the game’s just really, really fun. I think that’s the only argument I really need.

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