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Steps Pedometer Windows Review

Steps Pedometer Windows Review

Fitness seems to be all the rage these days. With all the hip new fitness trackers and fancy shoes that have all those individual toes (that look super creepy), everyone’s got their individual way of staying fit. Especially me. Not to brag but I did three push ups yesterday. I can still feel the burn. Well, since phone apps have replaced pretty much everything else in this world, why not use your Windows Phone as a personal pedometer? Let’s take a look at the Steps Pedometer app for Windows Phones.


What Is Steps Pedometer?

As expected, the Steps app is your basic pedometer. For those that didn’t get that one awesome Pokemon pedometer a few years ago (which I still use frequently) and learn what they do, a pedometer is something that tracks the amount of steps you’ve taken per day. Which is much easier than trying to count them by yourself. Trust me.


How Do You Use It?

The wonderful thing about the Steps Pedometer is how little you actually have to do. Once you open it up, you’re free to track steps to your heart’s content. There are some basic controls, such as changing your daily goals. But that’s pretty much it. So..on to the next section!


Do I Recommend It?  

While I may not be the biggest fitness buff (in fact, I’m writing this from my bed at three in the afternoon. Don’t judge me), I can totally see using this as a basic personal pedometer. However, that’s the key word here: basic. It doesn’t exactly have a ton of bells and whistles. In order to use additional features such as the map and calorie tracker, you’ll need to pay for the pro version. But, if you want to keep things simple and hold onto your cash, the basic version is just fine.

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