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Twitter Windows Review

Twitter Windows Review

I still remember when Twitter was just getting big. It was some competition in the news with Ashton Kutcher to see who could get the most followers. Simpler times. However, Twitter has now grown into this massively popular social media site, rivaling the big names of Facebook and…uhhh we’ll just say Facebook I suppose. But, despite its success, does Twitter still have that X-factor that made it popular so long ago? And, most importantly, is the Twitter app for Windows any good? Let’s find out.


What Is Twitter?

OK, there’s a 99% chance you already know what Twitter is. But, for the rest of you 1%, allow me to explain. Twitter is a social media site that allows you to send “tweets” (which are little social media posts) of up to 140 characters. Meaning you won’t need to see the long rants you’ll often see on Facebook about the high prices of laundry detergent. (Even if I agree that laundry detergent has gotten much too expensive.)


How Is The App?

I must say, for a social media site like Twitter, the mobile app fits perfectly. It’s simple and easy to use, meaning you can scroll around without difficulty as you tweet and retweet to your heart’s content. Really, the utilization of smartphone apps like this is the reason social media sites like Twitter have gotten so big.


The Bottom Line

The overall popularity of Twitter is no fluke. Creating a simple system for people to share their opinions and follow their favorite celebrities is simply an amazing idea. And the simplicity of 140 characters means you won’t have to feel like you’re reading a novel when you’re browsing through social media. While it makes a bit less sense on a browser, Twitter is pretty much perfect for a mobile app. So, yes, I’d definitely recommend the Twitter app.

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