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Vimeo Windows Review

Vimeo Windows Review

When you think of free video streaming apps, what do you think of? And no, I’m not talking about Hulu. I don’t think they have anything for free anymore. Do they? Anyways, this is not about Hulu. What I mean is that most people would usually think of YouTube first. However, Vimeo has made their name as a of “YouTube alternative” of sorts. Is it as good as the video hosting giant that has provided us with so many hours of parody rap battles and cats doing things? We’ll find out. Let’s take a look at the Vimeo app for Windows devices.


What Is Vimeo?

As I said, Vimeo is kind of an alternative for YouTube. However, YouTube is known more or less for its overall randomness. In other words, you can see a professionally edited music video one day and somebody recording a vlog on a flip phone the next. On the other hand, Vimeo focuses a bit more on the higher quality content. I’ll get more into that later. In the next section actually. You’ll see.


How Is The App?

As I said, Vimeo is more about quality than quantity. While YouTube is a sort of endless sea of various videos, Vimeo keeps things shorter and sweeter. You see, Vimeo hosts many short films created by independent artists. In addition, they have many documentaries, animations, and even some very interesting music videos.


The Bottom Line

Vimeo and YouTube are so similar yet so different. Both allow users to upload content they wish to share. However, the main difference comes down to what kind of video you’re getting. If you’re looking to just watch pretty much anything in the world, YouTube is the way to go. However, if you really want to try something new and interesting, Vimeo’s a great option to expand your mind a bit.

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