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Weird “New + Rising Apps” For Windows Phones

Weird “New + Rising Apps” For Windows Phones

I’ve chronicled time and time again how Windows Phone has some, to put it lightly, strange apps available. From apps that are literal copy/pastes of already released Pokemon titles to games about rampaging grandmothers, there’s no shortness of oddities on the old Windows Store. However, something I’ve only recently noticed mirroring this is some of the strange apps that pop up in the “New + Rising Apps” section. Prepare yourself, people. It’s about to get a little strange.


What’s Going On?

Normally, the “New + Rising” section of any app store is a place to highlight some of the big up-and-comers in the world of mobile applications. Whether they’re games that have become much more popular or even just some updates or sequels of older apps, it’s usually a section to find something that’s, well, new and rising. Well, that’s not exactly the case for Windows Phones. Allow me to explain.


Wait, What?

Just by scrolling around the “New + Rising” section, you start to see some pretty strange apps. It starts with a whole bunch of Snapchat ripoffs, which doesn’t sound too off base at first. But then you see some of the rest, including a whole bunch of apps that claim they can help you download YouTube videos (isn’t that illegal?) to the strangely misspelled “Burger King Cupons”.  And an app simply titled “Make Me Bald.” Sometimes you have to see it to believe it, folks.


The Bottom Line

The weird thing is this is hardly shocking news. If you’ve owned a Windows Phone for even a week you know that there’s some pretty odd stuff out there. But, for some reason, the latest batch of “New + Rising Apps” just struck me as especially odd. And made me laugh. Which is a nice bonus. Interestingly enough, I remember seeing a news report that Windows was trying to get rid of all the less desirable apps on the Windows Store. Maybe they just hit the snooze button on it for a bit?



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