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What’s With The 250k Games On Windows Phones?

What's With The 250k Games On Windows Phones?

I’ve been reviewing games for quite some time now. And, in my time, I’ve seen plenty of different trends. However, one I’ve recently seen in particular is a large number of games with the number/letter of “250k” in front of the title. Is there a particular theme with all of these games? Is it just some strange coincidence? Is this a massive conspiracy? Probably all three of those things. Let’s take a look at the 250k game series and uncover the many mysteries within. Or something like that.


What Are The 250k Games?

The 250k game series certainly has a bunch of different styles. I’ve seen games about lumberjacks, games about burger making, and even games where you match up three different things. And we all know that hasn’t been done before. One common theme with all the different games seems to be the simple cartoon animation. And, as a big fan of simple cartoon animation, I’m quite pleased by that.


How Are They?

While there definitely is a large number of different game types, there’s also a large range of quality and fun when it comes to the 250k series. For example, games such as 250k Timberman are actually pretty fun little arcade experiences. But on the other hand, 250k Snake is more of an entrancingly difficult reimagining of the classic Snake games.


The Bottom Line

While the actual background of the 250k games remains a mystery to me (some of them aren’t even developed by the same people), the 250k game series provides some nice, simple arcade experiences. While not all of the games are created with the same amount of quality, they at least provide bite sized fun minigames. And, as I said before, I really do enjoy the animation of the various games. Probably because I’m such a huge fan of cartoons.

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