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WhatsApp Now On Windows Phones

WhatsApp Now On Windows Phones

Once again, I’d like to take a moment to talk about major apps coming to Windows Phones. I’ve spoken in the past about how getting major apps such as Pokemon Go would be very beneficial to Windows in terms of switching over people from Android or iOS. But I won’t spend all of my time talking about other articles I’ve written. Even if it was a very, very well-written article. With lots of adjectives. And nouns. Today, let’s talk about a large app making the jump to Windows Phones. It’s called WhatsApp. Let’s talk about it. Proceed to the next paragraph please.



What Is WhatsApp?

So, in hearing this news about WhatsApp, what might you initially think? You might be wondering what kind of app is WhatsApp? (Are you sick of the words “what” and “app” yet?) Well, WhatsApp is a messenger app that you can use between different types of phones through the web. And now you know what’s up with WhatsApp. That was bad. Remind me to rewrite that later.



Is That It?

Besides coming to Windows phones, the app has a few changes specific to the platform. For example, the camera feature was changed up to match the current Windows OS. Additionally, when you send a solo emoji it will appear much larger. So if you need to send an extremely large alien head for whatever reason, you now have a way to do it.



What Does This Mean?

Now, I can honestly say I had not used WhatsApp in the past. Does this mean that my youth is escaping me and I can no longer connect with this mobile-friendly future of ours? Maybe. But that’s a topic for a different article. Overall, this can only be good news. Much like hearing about the possibility of Snapchat coming to Windows phones, this will help more and more big name apps come to the platform.

WhatsApp Download Available for Windows Phone with new Features and Fixes

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