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Windows Phone Users Blocked By Google?

Windows Phone Users Blocked By Google?

It’s pretty well known that there’s some stiff competition between mobile companies. Between Google’s Android phones, Apple’s iOS devices, and Windows Phones, all three are fighting for the throne in the smartphone business. But is there some foul play going on? Is it possible that these companies battling for domination would try to make things more difficult for people using other devices? Are we all just pawns in some game? Well, that’s a topic for another article. But today, let’s talk about a supposed problem with a suppose platform caused by a supposed company. Supposedly.


What’s Happening?

Apparently, users of the Windows 10 Mobile system have had a bit of difficulty using their Google services on the platform. While this may not sound too important to the casual user, there are many people that have quite a few things tied to their Google accounts. Everything from important documents and dates to your email can be attached to your Google account, meaning it’s pretty vital to be able to use them when needed.


What Does This Mean?

Not to get too conspiracy theory-ish on you, but some people may believe that Google may be blocking Windows users on purpose. While the company has denied such claims, they have admitted there was an issue with the format that is now fixed. So mystery solved. Or is it?! (Que dramatic music.)


The Bottom Line

Personally, I find it a bit hard to believe that a company such as Google would do something to intentionally punish people for using non-Android devices. However, I also didn’t think I would like cantaloupe until I tried it. So what do I know? The important thing is that the issue has been fixed and we can all go on with our lives. Unless this kind of thing happens again. Then I’ll just write another article about it.



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