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Zedge Windows Review

Zedge Windows Review

I still remember the first time I got a cell phone. Two of the things I was most excited for were finding the perfect ringtone and wallpaper. Keep in mind this was the flip phone days when tech was a bit more primitive. You know, before you could answer pretty much any question you had with them. Well, call me old-fashioned, but I’m still a huge fan of both ringtones and wallpapers. So let’s take a look at Zedge for Windows Phones, the app that provides the world with as many ringtones and wallpapers as your heart desires. Hey, that should really be their tagline. I’m calling them up now.


What Is Zedge?

The Zedge app is kind of a one-stop shop for both ringtones and wallpapers. While there are many currently popular ringtones and wallpapers available in the featured/popular section (especially around the holidays), you can also search around for your own desired background and call sound. And you know what this means: I’m downloading the Power Rangers theme song ASAP. It was going to happen at one time or another.


How Is The App?

Zedge is a very impressive app. There were tons of ringtones available, from popular songs and themes to some I’ve never heard before. And the wallpapers were pretty interesting as well, with a great mix of different looks for the background of your mobile device. And did I happen to mention that it’s all free? You know, that word that makes everyone smile all the time?


The Bottom Line

I can understand that both wallpapers and ringtones have seen a bit of a change in popularity over the past decade. However, I’ve always been a bit nostalgic as well. And what better way to feel that nostalgia than to answer your phone to the tune of the Ninja Turtles theme song? Along with a Ninja Turtles wallpaper. While wearing a Ninja Turtles backpack. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

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