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Nom iOS Review

Nom iOS Review

Lately, I’ve gotten really into checking out different food apps. Despite my own lack of ability in the kitchen, I still enjoy checking out the world of food applications. However, today’s app is going to be just a bit different. While most of the applications I’ve reviewed so far have focused on the actual recipes, Nom for iOS devices is its own kind of app. For reasons I’ll get into later in the review. That’s just a bit of a teaser for you.


What Is Nom?

Nom is a food app like you haven’t seen before. Instead of being a collection of different ingredients and dishes to make, Nom is more of a social media experience. And yes, I know everyone tries to call everything a social media experience these days. But allow me to explain. Nom allows users to post live video and photos of different foods around, integrating the live streaming of Periscope with the photography aspect of Instagram.


How Is The App?

I must say, I’m pretty impressed with the Nom app. While it’s definitely different than many of the other food-related apps I’ve tried out, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, I believe it works in the app’s favor. I could see plenty of foodies getting really into seeing firsthand how certain things are prepared or even just checking out images of incredible eats from around the world. I prefer to eat things rather than look at them, but that’s just me.


The Bottom Line

If you have an interest in food beyond the realm of simply snacking, Nom is the app for you. While it’s not the most straightforward way to learn how to make certain dishes, it acts more as a tour around the world of different eats. OK, I’ve been talking about food too long. It’s time to microwave some pizza rolls.