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The MyScreen Explorer Tradie Case


Warranty: Lifetime


Built in screen protector – the built in screen protector ensures that your phone is completely protected from the elements

Crystal Clear Audio – Unlike other cases that dramatically affect the clarity of your speaker and microphone, mySCREEN Tradeproof cases are designed to have virtually no impact on the clarity of both speaker and microphone audio.

In case charging – No need to remove your phone from the case for charging. the clever quick charging plug means that you can charge your phone the same way you always have.

Uninterrupted Use – despite the fact that your phone is completely protected from the elements, you can still use all the features you rely on every day, without interruption.

Waterproof – when assembled correctly, the case is completely waterproof (check out some of our videos to prove it!) mySCREEN cases have been submerged for up to 3 months with no leakage whatsoever.

Shockproof – thanks to the ingenious shock-absorbing design your phone has as little contact with the case itself, so in the event of an impact eg. dropping your phone on a concrete floor, your phone remains safe.

Dustproof – whether you're a tradesman or just enjoy the rugged outdoors, you can rest assured that not even the smallest particle of dust will affect your phone (after all it is waterproof!)