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An Essential Guide to Customizing Your Android Phone



Everyone’s phone looks the same, but you don’t want that. You want your phone to be yours, to not look like someone else. Of course, everyone says that your phone is different from everyone else's because of the apps, photos and videos on it but with Android, it’s more than just that. With Android, you’re given the freedom to change everything on your phone, specifically the home screen. iPhone users are stuck with the stock home screen, however, Android devices have the ability to add search bars, widgets, filling up any blank space they want. Looking to customize your Android even more? We’re going to show you how.


Launchers and Layouts

A launcher is an app Android devices use which organizes and launch apps. Literally every Android has one when you buy the phone, however, some launchers are better than others. Usually, launchers come with a couple home screens – where you’re able to place your most-used apps, that way they’re easier to access. So, the launcher is what you use to keep your apps where you want while the layout is how you have them placed on the screen.

Launchers usually allow you to press and drag around the apps on your screen, allowing you to choose where they’re going to be placed. You’ll be able to make folders, add and delete apps as you please. Certain launchers even allow you to change the grid size on your home screen, meaning you’ll be able to fit more or fewer apps on the screen.



If you’ve figured out which launcher you like, then you may want to add some color to your screen with a couple widgets. Essentially, widgets allow you to access information from a specific app without having to actually open up the entire app itself.

For example, a popular widget is usually for playing music. It’ll show you the song that’s currently playing and you’ll be able to skip, pause or stop a song without having to open up the entire app. Most music apps come with a widget for your home screen, but third-party apps also provide you with widgets that tend to be more flexible and easier to use.


Wallpapers Galore

Every phone comes with preinstalled wallpaper themes for you to choose from. These are typically stock images or you can use images from your own photos as wallpaper. This does give your phone a little zest for life to it, adding more personality. But, perhaps you don’t want a photo of yours as your wallpaper.

Google’s Wallpapers app is one of the best apps for finding the wallpaper. You can find a specific artist you like or browse through and simply choose a wallpaper that catches your eyes. You literally have the ability to browse through thousands of wallpapers, so, you’re bound to find something. If you want to set your wallpaper, simply long-press your home screen and set a new wallpaper. It’s extremely easy to do and completely changes the look of your phone.



Of course, you can come up with your own theme for your phone, but, you can also download hundreds of other themes which are easy-to-use and give you a completely different look at your Android. Themes are available from movies to the holiday season to travel destinations to comic book themes. Whatever you like, you’ll be able to find it as a theme for your phone. Into Star Wars? Customize your phone’s entire theme to the movie.

Now it’s your turn to use these options when customizing your Android. If you want to jazz up the look of your phone, use one or all of these options to help make your phone look likes yours. There’s a theme or wallpaper out there for everyone.

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