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Best Android Phones – Holiday 2018

Android phone 2018


There are a plethora of Android smartphone manufacturers out there. Each of them is incessantly bringing out new phones each and every month. The entire Android smartphone market is so broad that it is actually pretty tough to make a list of the best Android phones. Yet for our readers, we are going to try anyway.


In this post, we will be talking about some of the best Android phones of 2018. If you want to get a new one during this holiday, you might be in a dilemma. We hope this post will help you to make your final decision. So, let’s begin.


First and foremost, we will be exploring the flagship ones.

• Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+:

Samsung’s latest additions to its ‘S’ Series were the Galaxy S9 and S9+. When these came out the price of the phones were a little bit high. But, recently, Samsung has cut down the prices. As flagship phones, the prices are now somewhat reasonable. Thus these two phones go to the first place of our list automatically.

Samsung hasn't done anything unusual with the design of these two phones. Rather they have kept everything simple. So, you will get the headphone jack and there are no weird notches on the display too. If you want a compact phone then you can go with the Galaxy S9, it comes with a 5.8″ display. Otherwise, you can get the Galaxy S9+ which has a 6.2″ display.

However, with the increasing of the display size, the Galaxy S9+ also has some other additional features which the Galaxy S9 lacks. For instance, you get one extra camera on the back, more battery power, and many more things. So, if you are thinking about getting the best deal then get either of these phones.

• OnePlus 6/6T:

If you are not a Samsung fan or just want to try a new brand then the OnePlus 6 or 6T can be a perfect choice. Both of these phones have a lot in common. Yet they have several dissimilar specifications. First, you will have a bigger display on the OnePlus 6T (6.41″) than the OnePlus 6 (6.28″). Next, the OnePlus 6 has the generic rear-mounted fingerprint sensor whereas the OnePlus 6T has an in-display fingerprint sensor. Besides that, the notch is smaller on the OnePlus 6T.

But unfortunately, not everything is better on the OnePlus 6T. For example, it does not have a headphone jack. That can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. However, if you are not a fan of the headphone jack, then this would be the best choice for you. If not then you have the OnePlus 6 as an excellent choice.

• Xiaomi Pocophone F1:

We have talked about only flagships till now. So at this point, we will explore the ‘mid-range’ phones. Although the Pocophone F1 came as a mid-range phone, the specifications actually tell that it can easily compete with the flagship phones out there. With a 6.18″ bezel-less display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and a 4,000mAh battery, it sure packs a lot of power.

Even though you should know, to keep the production cost low, Xiaomi had to cut some corners here and there. For example, it has a plastic body and a hybrid SIM/SD card tray. Other than that, everything is fine.

If you take a lot of selfies then you will like this one. It has a 20 MP front camera which is capable of taking 1080p videos at 30 fps. So, if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money yet want to get a phone with premium specifications and look then you can check it out.

Budget-friendly ones:

• Honor 7X/Honor 9 Lite:

Both of these phones were released back in December 2017. These two phones have some incredible features and specifications but within an affordable price range. So, even after more than a year of their release, they are still in the competition. If you need to get a phone without breaking the bank then either of these can be a great choice.

Honorable Mention:

• Google Pixel 3:

The latest addition to the pixel family of Google is the Pixel 3. It has been just released in October 2018. Everything about the specifications and features of this phone is positive except its 2915 mAh battery. And truth be told, it actually comes with a pretty good camera performance.

On the other hand, the price is also a bit higher compared to its competitors. So, if you don’t have problems with the battery and want to snap awesome pictures then you can give this a try.

Wrapping things up:

There you have it. A list of the best android phones you can get during this holiday. We hope you will be able to find the best match for you from this list. So, make your decision and get the one you like.