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Send iMessages to Your Menu Bar with Unreplied



To say that your phone is the most important thing you own is probably an understatement. Our smartphones connect us to friends and family around the world, give us instant access to our most treasured social media feeds, and even assist us with our personal finance. You know what all three of those tasks have in common, by the way? Push notifications. That’s right, your phone is being constantly altered throughout the day, meaning that sometimes it gets a bit difficult to reply to every message and swipe away every alert.


We live in the age of the push notification. So, why not download an app that can help you manage it all? That’s where Unreplied comes in. It’s the app that can help you manage your unread messages and help you reduce your time spent glued to your screen. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?


What Is Unreplied?


If you’re looking for a way to keep your messages in check, maybe you’re simply popular or you're a forgetful responder, Unreplied can help you out. Unreplied is the only app available that helps you out by showing your missed iMessage and SMS conversations. Unreplied essentially sits in your Mac’s Menu bar and bundles your iMessage and SMS chats in just one place – that way, you don’t miss another important text. Ever.


Unreplied states that it’s easy for us to overlook a message when we’re busy at work or distracted with other things going on. Thus, when installing the application, the app recommends that you opt for the iMessage alert icon to your Menu bar. With this icon in your menu bar, it’ll show you the unanswered text messages you have in your inbox. It’ll alert you by displaying either a black or red digit above the icon.




You’re aware of the iMessage alert that comes with Unreplied, however, the app also comes with other features to show you unread messages. In addition to the iMessage alert icon, it also comes with a drop down menu which lists your unread conversations in chronological order. It even shows you a small snippet of what is contained in the message and the date and time. You simply tap the message you’d like to open up and it’ll open up iMessage where you can respond.


Unreplied also allows you the ability to customize the app, ensuring that it fits your needs. You can decide whether or not you’d like to hide messages after a certain amount of days, how much of the message you’d like to be shown, when Unreplied should scan for messages and whether or not you’d like the number of unread messages to show in the icon bar. Unreplied allows you full control over what you’d like to see, how much you’d like to see and when you’d like to see it.


Is It Secure?


When it comes to apps accessing your personal information, most people ask themselves the question, “is this app secure?” This is an important question to ask before you allow any app to access your phone. With Unreplied is a secured app. Unreplied uses ‘macOS sandbox’ to keep your conversations inaccessible and safe. What macOS sandbox does is block network and file system access, so, even if Unreplied was hacked, it wouldn’t be able to share your data due to macOS sandbox.


The only downside to Unreplied is the limitation to iMessage — meaning that if you’re looking for an app to show you all your unanswered messages across a variety of platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Email, Whatsapp, and Viber — you’d best be served by some other solution. That being said, however, Unreplied is the only service that works with iMessage, meaning that it’s a must-have for Mac users in 2017. We can only hope that in time they’ll expand their services to other communication platforms, making our lives even easier. Download it today!

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