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250k Timberman Windows Review

Ahh the life of a lumberjack. Growing a beard, wearing flannel, and harsh, taxing physical labor. OK maybe that last part doesn’t sound too great. But everything else would be fun. Plus those flannels look very comfy. Which would just make me want to nap all day. Anyways, haven’t you ever wanted to live that experience? Without the whole hard working and earning an honest dollar part of lumberjacking? (Is that the right word?) Well, with 250k Timberman for Windows devices, you finally can.



The Basics

Now what would you expect this game to be about? Chopping down trees? Watering your beard and watching it grow? Doing that thing where you run on a rolling log and try not to fall off? OK that actually sounds awesome. Actually, it’s the first one. Which, while it is surprisingly hard in real life, is much less difficult here. Seriously, have you ever tried to chop down an actual tree? Just don’t. It’s not worth it. Stick to this game.



The Gameplay

Like I said, you chop down trees. Lots of trees. How do you chop down these trees? By tapping your phone. But wait! There’s more! You must switch from one side of the tree to the other in order to avoid branches. I’m going to assume that’s not a realistic problem in the lumberjack world, but let’s roll with it.



Is It Fun?

Much like the other 250k game I played called 250k Chef’s Burger (I think they were made by the same company. Right?), 250k Timberman is is good, simple arcade fun. My only real issue with the game is that the only challenge comes from a timing meter counting down. There’s not certain branches you need to avoid or some that get you more points, it’s just the same branches over and over. However, that does not stop this from being a fun experience. It's not the kind of game that you'll play for hours on end, but it will kill some time while you’re waiting in line for something. Or if you’re an actual lumberjack just wanting to keep practicing your lumberjacking skills while you’re on your break. Either way.



The Bottom Line

250k Timberman for Windows phones may not be the deepest game you’ll play. However, it’s good, easygoing arcade fun. Plus it keeps the clean cartoony graphics of 250k Burger Chef, which is quite a nice touch. Oh man I should not have mentioned that game. Getting too…hungry…to…keep….writing…