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Angry Gran Run Windows Review

Endless runners are a popular genre for good reason. One of the main reasons is that there’s plenty of different chances for worlds to be explored and seen. Everyone from Sonic The Hedgehog to Dora The Explorer can potentially have their own endless runner games. In fact, Sonic The Hedgehog does have one. But I’m not sure about Dora. But, man, do I hope there is one. Anyways, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, endless runners. Angry Gran Run is one of those. So let’s talk about Angry Gran Run for Windows phones.



The Basics

Like I said, endless runners have taken us to many worlds. The city, jungles, and even space itself are wonderful springboards for one to endlessly run. And now we can finally explore something we’ve always wanted to: a British city as an angry old lady. I know, I know, keep your excitement down. In Angry Gran Run, you escape from an angry asylum and must keep running. From what exactly? I’m not totally sure. The angry asylum employees? Repo men? Your own grandchildren??



The Gameplay

Angry Gran pretty much follows all of the basic tropes of endless running. You’ve got your running endlessly, your jumping, and your sliding. Oh, and that thing where you quickly turn when there’s a corner. That thing. There’s honestly not much more to say since it pretty much copies the basics of your Temple Runs or Subway Surfers. The only real difference is that you’re supposed to run into each roller blader you see along the way. Which, personally, seems a bit rude to me. This really must be an angry granny. Or gran. Whatever.



Is It Fun?

Angry Gran Run doesn’t really add enough to be a memorable experience. The only real differences are in the obstacles (which include giant tea cups and hats for some reason) and the “enemies” that you must run into. Outside of that, the game doesn’t offer too terribly much. Outside of a chance to run as an angry grandmother and attack innocent bystanders. Which you don’t see too terribly often. I’ll give credit where credit is due.



The Bottom Line

It’s kind of tough to judge Angry Gran Run for Windows since it seems more like a light hearted joke than a full fledged game. You really should just stick to the already established endless runners for your non stop jogging fun. Unless you really want to play as an angry grandmother. I won’t judge.