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Fun Facts For You Windows Review

Fun Facts For You Windows Review

Everybody loves a good fun fact. Whether you hear something that makes you think or just need a way to pass the time, it’s good to get a bit of interesting info. For example, did you know that 91% of people lie regularly? Although, if that’s true, isn’t there only a 9% chance of me telling the truth. Did I just blow your mind? Well now you can get fun facts for you with the Windows Phone app Fun Facts For You. I have no idea how they got the name though.


What Is Fun Facts For You?

Fun Facts For You is a randomizer for various fun facts. You simply need to tap the button to get a brand new fun fact and it comes to you. In addition, there’s the “Good Question” button, which you can press to get a philosophical or otherwise interesting question. And that’s really it, there’s not too much else to the app. So…on to the next section!


How Is The App?

I must say I love the idea of having an app to give you some interesting tidbits you never knew before. And it works as an excellent conversation starter as well! After all, think of all the interesting topics that can be mined from the fact that 45% of people believe in ghosts. However, there is one problem with the app – it has no personality to it. It’s merely fun facts in unexciting text against an orange background, nothing too terribly flashy.


The Bottom Line

While I really like the idea of the app, a few minor tweaks would turn it from “OK” to “great”. Even just changing color each time you choose a new fact would earn it some major points in my book! However, as it is right now, I can only say the app is OK. Not bad. Not great. Just OK.