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How To Listen To Podcasts On Your Windows Phone

How To Listen To Podcasts On Your Windows Phone

I am a huge fan of podcasts. I listen to them whenever possible, be it during a long bus ride or while walking the dog. Or while writing articles about how to listen to podcasts on your Windows phone. (Whoa, that was meta.) If you own a Windows phone you may also want to get in on all of the fun of listening to people talking without having to carry around that giant AM radio boombox. This might be a little easier on your back. Let’s take a look at how to listen to podcasts on your Windows phone.



Is It Easy?

Yes! Your Windows phone should come pre-installed with a Podcasts app. Once you open that up, you can begin searching for anything and everything under the sun. If you’re looking for a podcast about denim jeans, just type it in the search bar. I’m sure there’s one out there.



How Is The App?

While it’s nice to be able to listen to podcasts directly from your Windows phone without having to download a separate app, the Podcasts app isn’t without its faults. You see, unlike Google Play podcasts or the iOS app, there’s no direction given to you. No categories or suggested apps, just a searchbar. I feel like it could use a little bit of work to make it a more user-friendly experience.



Should You Use It?

Having a way to get podcasts pre-installed on your device is becoming much more common, with all three major operating systems giving you the option now. However, it’s clear that Windows could take some cues from its competitors when it comes to podcasts. Simply adding some suggestions or top charts would be a great way for someone new to podcasts to begin their journey. A journey to listen to people talk without actually having to talk to anybody.