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How To Use Voice Notes (Windows)

How To Use Voice Notes (Windows)

There have been plenty of things that smartphones have replaced. Everything from mp3 players to flashlights have been made obsolete by our mobile devices. One of the big things replaced by phones is recording devices. No longer shall we require those tape recorders like the one the kid from home alone used. Even if they looked pretty cool. Let’s take a look at the Voice Notes app for Windows Phones.


What Is Voice Notes?

Voice Notes is an app that creates, well, voice notes. Which is pretty important if you like taking notes or spying on people. I don’t judge. It can also be great for recording music, which is great if you’re a musician with an acoustic guitar and some lyrics. Or even just a kazoo and some poetry. Music is music in my mind.


How To Use Voice Notes

While using a classic tape recorder is pretty simple, using the Voice Notes app isn’t too terribly complex. You can record a new note by tapping the button with the little CD on it. Or donut, if you prefer to think that’s what it is. I know I do. Once you’ve recorded your note, it will be placed under a generic name such as “My Voice”. All you need to do is tap the pencil button to edit the names and organize. Finally, you can tap the options button in the bottom right corner in order to select the “Upload To OneDrive” option. Which, as you could imagine, uploads it to OneDrive.


The Bottom Line

The Voice Notes app succeeds greatly in its simplicity. Which, like I said, makes it compare favorably to a classic tape recorder. Recording, renaming, and uploading your voice notes is made very easy by the app. Additionally, the layout is nice and clean, letting you focus on your audio notes.