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Realalarm Windows Review

Realalarm Windows Review

Every  one has an alarm preference when it comes to waking up in the morning. Some people prefer to set only one specific time while the rest of us will battle with the snooze button for most of the morning. Some people prefer airy beautiful alarm sounds while the rest of us need shrieking alarms in order to wake up. No matter your preference, you’ve likely got an app that you prefer to use for waking yourself up. Is that app Realalarm? Well, if it is, you already know if you like it or not. But for those that don’t, let’s take a look at Realalarm for Windows devices.


What Is Realalarm?

I’m glad you asked! Realalarm is an alarm app. Now, when taking a look at these kinds of apps it’s important to see how much it differs from the basic alarm that generally comes pre-installed on your phone. Otherwise, why would you download the app in the first place?


How Do You Use It?

Realalarm functions similarly to your usual digital alarm. You hit the good old plus sign to add a new alarm, choose your time and how often you’d like it to go off. Then comes the real strength of Realalarm: the tones. I was very impressed with the sheer amount of different sounds available, with everything from soothing tunes to louder and more jarring sounds. Which is nice becauseyou’re trying to ease your way into the day, you’ll want a bit of selection based on your personal preferences.


Should You Get It?

Overall, Realalarm is a pretty good alternative to your basic alarm. While nothing stands out as too above and beyond the basics, I must say I enjoyed the overall aesthetics of Realalarm. And, as I mentioned, the large selection of sounds will let you customize your wake-up experience just a little bit.