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We Believe... 

That phones are more than just  electronic communications devices… phones should be beautiful, phones should complement your personality - and phone should be protected… 

We believe in embracing smart technology - in style... it is there to help us, it should work well, and be beautiful. 

Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet or laptop almost everybody has one these days, and our mission is to help our customers personalise them. 

We believe in happy people helping our customers express themselves with their own unique style. 

We believe our products offer good value, that we should make a profit and that our customer is the most important person in the world.

Who is mySCREEN? 

 mySCREEN is a retail smart device accessory chain selling a range of fashion focused phone and tablet accessories. 

We also have our own repair centre where we provide repairs for a large range of phone and tablets.  

mySCREEN sources and imports around 80% of it’s own branded products and is focused on establishing and building a strong brand presence over the coming years in the smart devices accessory market.

Our products 

imagine a phone that sets new fashion trends… 

imagine a tablet that compliments your own unique style… 

imagine a touch screen you can hit with a hammer and not suffer single scratch… 

That’s what mySCREEN is all about - accessorising and protecting our most valuable and used devices. 

Most people can’t imagine living without a phone or tablet these days, but with mass production of these devices, they lack that personal touch....  

mySCREEN is all about matching peoples smart devices to their personalities, and unique styles. 

Our range of products cover everything from stylish phone, tablet and laptop cases to bluetooth devices and in car brackets, in a huge range of styles and colors. 

Whether you’re looking for urban chic, bling, hipster or right up to high end fashion labels such as swarovski - chances are we’ve got something to suit YOU. 

Our Services

We understand how dependant people are on their smart devices - that’s why we also offer fast same day phone and tablet repairs - repairing everything from phone’s to tablets including brands such as apple, samsung, nokia, sony, htc, LG and more.