Return a product

follow the steps below to return a product

Steps to return a product

  • Go to your Account page
  • Go to the Orders tab
  •  Find the order 
  • Click on “Return Item”
  • Select the product from the check box and click “Return Item
  • Fill out the reasons for return
  • Include warranty details
  • Return your product to:

Recieved the wrong product?

If you received a different product to the one you ordered, please first check your order to make sure you did in fact receive a different product to the one you ordered.

Once confirmed, please reach out through one of our support channels, or contact us via the Contact Us page

Important Information

All returned goods must have either a printout of the warranty return page, with the return number clearly legible on it, or a piece of paper with your name, order number, and warranty return number on it. Without this information present in every return, we are unable to assign a return to you, the customer. So please help us provide you the best service in the quickest time possible by including this information in your return!


Please send returns to:

POBOX 3600