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Return a product

follow the steps below to return a product

Steps to return a product

  • Go to your Account page
  • Click the Orders tab
  • Find the order 
  • Click on “Return Item”
  • Select the product from the check box and click “Return Item
  • Fill out the reasons for return
  • Include warranty details

Recieved the wrong product?

If you received a different product to the one you ordered, please first check your order to make sure you did in fact receive a different product to the one you ordered.

Once confirmed, please follow the steps above and include a photo of the product you recieved.

Important Information

All returned goods must have either a printout of the warranty return page, with the return number clearly legible on it, or a piece of paper with your name, order number, and warranty return number on it. Without this information present in every return, we are unable to assign a return to you, the customer. So please help us provide you the best service in the quickest time possible by including this information in your return!


Please send returns to:

PO BOX 3600




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