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  • Best Wireless Charging Pads in 2019


    The best way to charge your phone faster is to use the cable provided with it. However, if your phone supports wireless charging then you might like to keep it simple by using the wireless charging pad. So, if your phone is compatible with wireless charging and you don't have a wireless charger yet, you should get one.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of different types of wireless chargers available on the market. The only problem with the abundance is that it is hard to pick the best match for you. Thus, we have compiled a list of the top wireless chargers in 2019 for any Android phone. And, we are going to share it with you in this post.

    If you are ready, then let’s get to the good part…


    • ‘Choetech wireless charging pad:’

    If you are looking for a cheap wireless charger then this is the best option for you. Because it will cost you only 15 USD. But don't get carried away by seeing its low price. It comes in 3 colors and Qi-certified. Aside from that, it has an 18 month warranty. So, you can't go wrong choosing this one out.


    • ‘Samsung Fast Charge wireless charger (Qi-certified):’

    If you love Samsung or happen to own one of their flagship smartphones then you might like this one. It is the official wireless charger from Samsung for its smartphones which supports wireless charging. As usual, it will also work with any other non-Samsung smartphones as well.


    • ‘Dual wireless charger from IBIS (9W):’

    If you are searching for an advanced wireless charging pad then it is the one you are looking for. It has 2 charging coils. Thus, you can charge multiple devices at once. On top of this, it has 3 more ports which can be used to charge other devices using cable chargers.


    • ‘Seneo charging stand:’

    This is a great choice if you want to check out notifications on your phone while it is charging. You can set up your phone on this charging pad at an angle which makes it very easy to look at the screen from far. It is compatible with all of the devices which are Qi-enabled. It also has a couple of charging coils.


    • ‘Nanami Qi-certified wireless charging stand:’

    This could be a good choice for the owners of larger phones. It has two charging coils and the charging stand is larger than usual. Thus, you can use your phone even while it’s charging. It is also very cheap. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly wireless charger, this might be it.


    • ‘Anker PowerPort 10W charging pad:’

    This charging pad comes with an anti-slip mechanism. So your device won’t slip easily. You will get a 3 feet Micro-USB cable with the charger. Another awesome feature about this charger is that it has LED lights as the charging indicator. You can get it for about $22 at Amazon.


    Last Words:

    If your phone has wireless charging compatibility, then you should take advantage of it. Although wireless charging might be a little slower. However, there’s no denying that it is pretty convenient to charge your phone wirelessly.

  • How to mark all your emails as Read on iPhone, iPad and Mac


    Nobody reads all of their emails. We use our email address for a lot of reasons. One of the most common uses of our email address is to subscribe to any email newsletters or mailing lists. That is fine to an extent. In most cases, we care about those emails for a couple of weeks to a month. Then we lose our interest over them.

    Yet, those emails keep on coming. Also, you might receive emails regarding sales, coupons, promotions etc. which you might not look into. At the same time, there are other emails which we don't open as we come to know the gist of it by just looking at the preview on the notification bar. Over time, these unread emails start to gather dust in our inbox.

    At some point, we need to tidy up our inbox. Luckily, there’s good news if you are a user of an iPhone, iPad or a Mac. Because there is an easy way to mark all of the unread emails as read on both iOS and Mac. You can actually implement this within just a minute.

    We will be sharing the method in a step by step manner down below. So, let’s begin...


    For iOS users:

    • Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad
    • Tap on the ‘Edit’ button form the top right corner of the screen
    • Next, tap on the ‘Mark All’ button from the bottom left corner of the screen
    • In doing so, a pop-up menu will appear. Tap on the ‘Mark as Read’ button from the popup menu
    • That is all. All of your emails on your iPhone or iPad will be marked as read instantly

    Now let’s learn how to do it on Mac.


    For Mac users:

    • Launch the Mail app on your Mac
    • Now, click on the ‘Inbox’ option from the left sidebar (if you want to mark all the incoming emails as read). You can also click any other mailboxes (VIPs, Drafts, Sent etc.) from the left sidebar
    • Then click on the ‘Mailbox’ option from the top menu bar and a sub-menu will appear
    • And finally, click on the ‘Mark All Messages as Read’ option from the sub-menu
    • That’s it



    • Depending on the version of the OS (Operating System) of your iPhone or iPad, the ‘Mark All’ option might not be available on your device. However, it will be available on Mac. So, you can mark the emails as read from a Mac if you have to. That change will reflect on any other devices (if you use that same email account on all those devices)


    Last Words:

    If you have read the tutorial above, you should know how to mark all of your emails as ‘Read’ on your iPhone, iPad or even Mac. We tried to describe the methods as simple as possible. So, from now on, you won’t have any problem to declutter your inbox.

  • How to turn off animations on iPhone and iPad


    You might have noticed the animation feature on your iPhone or iPad already. And, some of you might really love the animations. On the other hand, some of you actually don't like the feature. The only good thing about this feature is that it looks cool. However, it actually drains your phone’s battery faster.

    Again, some of us are sensitive to motion. So, you might want to get rid of the animations on your iPhone or iPad. If you are one of them, then don't worry at all. Because Apple has made it so simple to turn the animations off on an iPad or iPhone. And, in this article, we will demonstrate the entire method step by step.

    Fortunately, this is very easy to do and it won’t take a lot of your precious time. So, here we go...


    Steps to Follow:

    • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your iPhone or iPad
    • Tap on the ‘General’ option from there
    • Now, tap on the ‘Accessibility’ option from inside the ’General’ menu
    • Navigate to the ‘Vision’ section and tap on the ‘Reduce Motion’ option from the bottom part of the screen
    • By default, the ‘Reduce Motion’ option will be turned off. You have to actually turn it ON to get rid of the animations
    • So, tap on the slider next to the ‘Reduce Motion’ option and it will turn green. This will turn off the animations
    • Optionally, you can also tap on the ‘Auto-Play Message Effects’ option from the same screen to disable it. In doing so, it will turn off the screen effects and the bubble in ‘Messages’ app

    That’s how it is done. After turning on the ‘Reduce Motion’ option, you will notice some changes to your device. For example:


    What will change?

    • The special ‘Zoom’ animation will go away while opening and closing an app. In place of that, you will see a normal fade or dissolve effect
    • The wallpaper on your iPhone will no longer use the parallax effect
    • The parallax effect of icons will also be turned off
    • If you use the app switcher, the apps will not zip across as you swipe
    • Along with all these, the animations throughout the device will be affected


    Final Words:

    Apple is not famous for its customizability. But it is also true that you can easily customize some of the features (like turning on/off the animations) the way you like it with ease. The animation feature is there for just the look and aesthetics.

    Thus, if you don't want them, you can have it your way. There is no problem with turning the feature off. And, we hope this tutorial will help you out when you need to get rid of the animations on your iPhone or iPad.

  • How to jailbreak iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1 with Electra


    Recently, the Electra team has released their first publicly available jailbreak for iOS 11.4.x. A lot of users have tried it and succeeded in jailbreaking their iPhone running on 11.4.x. So, if you are one of them who are waiting for jailbreaking your iPhone (iOS 11.4.x) for a long time, then your time has come.

    In this post, we will share the steps by step method of jailbreaking your iPhone with the help of Electra. However, we would still recommend using the unc0ver tool for iOS 11.4.x for this purpose.

    Now, if you are ready to jailbreak, let’s get started...

    Note: If you don't have prior experience of jailbreaking your iPhone, we would not advise it to do it. If you encounter any issues, you would need to deal with them by yourself. We are not responsible for any damage to your device


    Steps to follow to jailbreak iOS 11.4.x with Electra:

    • Download the Electra1141.ipa from its official website on your computer
    • Now connect your iOS device to the computer, and launch the Cydia Impactor
    • Once your iOS device is listed on the Cydia Impactor window, drag the Electra app onto the Impactor window to sideload it
    • Next, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. So enter those necessary login credentials. However, if you have set up two-step authentication on your account, you will need to generate an app-specific password at that step
    • When the app is on your device, you need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ app on your device
    • Next tap on ‘General’ button
    • And then tap on the ‘Profiles and Device Management’ option
    • At this point, tap on your Apple ID and finally tap on ‘Trust’
    • Now, launch the Electra from your home screen
    • You will need to tap on the ‘Jailbreak’ button to initiate the process
    • In doing so, Cydia will start to install on your device
    • Once the Cydia is installed and resprung, you will be taken back to the home screen. From there, launch the Cydia
    • At this point, you should remove the ‘’ repo, which is known for generating errors. You can optionally install any other essential updates as well. You can also install Sileo or not
    • At last, install any packages to make sure that everything is working fine. With this, the other essential packages and Substitute will be installed as well

    That’s it. Congratulations! If you have followed the steps mentioned above, you should have a jailbroken iPhone by now.

  • Should you buy the Google Pixel 3?


    Google Pixel 3 was released back in November 2018. It is one of the most celebrated flagships from Google in recent days. This device comes with a lot of great features. And, with all the great features it was priced at about $790. Now, the ultimate question is whether you should buy it or not. We will give o the answer to this question in this post. But, prior to that, we would have to talk about the device a little bit more. First of all, let's take a look at the specifications of the phone.


    Specifications Google Pixel 3:

    The Google Pixel 3 comes with a 5.5-inch P-OLED display. On the inside, it has a Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 chipset, Adreno 630 GPU, and 1080 x 2160 pixels display.

    There are 4 GB of RAM and it has internal storage of 64/128 GB (depends on the version). It does not feature an external SD card slot. Also, there is no headphone jack. It comes with a 2915 mAh battery. It comes with dual selfie camera which has wide and ultra-wide angle lens. There are 3 colors to choose from.

    Now that you know about some of the most important specifications of the Google Pixel 3. We can talk about if you should buy it or not.


    You SHOULD buy if:

    When it comes to software update, then Google Pixel 3 gets the crown in every way possible. We can surely say that Google will release updates for this device for a long time. Also, the updates will come out frequently and every month it will receive security patches from Google too. So, if you are here for frequent software update then you can go with the Google Pixel 3. If you have used non-Google phones until this point, you would notice that almost all of the other brands' roll-out updates irregularly. But, in the case of Google, they are the best and fastest at this.

    Another positive thing about the Pixel 3 is its camera. It is almost established now that this phone has one of the best camera performances among all the smartphones out there. Along with that, it comes with Google’s intelligent software which can capture visually stunning, almost DSLR-like images coming with the camera. The front camera can be a great option for selfie lovers. As the front camera comes with new wide angles lens, it is now perfect for group selfies.


    You SHOULDN’T buy if:

    First of all, you need to remember that if you have already bought a new flagship smartphone of any company then you don't need it. Again, if you are a fan of the headphone jack or the external storage then you are out of luck. There are other options out there for you, though.

    Besides that, if you have a Pixel 2 then it is not worth it to upgrade. Because both of these phones are almost identical in terms of both hardware and software perspective. On top of these, a lot of the new features (software sided) of the Pixel 3 will be available on the Pixel 2 with new software updates.


    So what do we think?

    We hope that now you know whether you should go for it or not. The decision entirely depends on your circumstance. For instance, if you have been waiting for a long time to upgrade your phone or wanted to give any flagship a try then it is for you. However, if you already own a Pixel 2 or any other latest flagships then you can skip this one for sure.

  • The Best Email Apps on iOS

    Apple's iOS 12.1.4 Update to Fix FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug

    The default ‘Mail’ app is not that bad. It has some awesome features. Even then, it has its drawbacks. Thus, it is clear that you might want to use any other third-party email apps on your iOS devices.

    Now, there is a huge collection of email apps in the App Store. As a result, it has become a hectic thing to pick out the perfect email app for you. So in this article, we will talk about some of the most popular and feature-rich email apps out there.

    So, let’s get started...


    • Polymail:

    This is a unique mail app. This is a good option if you want to track who is viewing your emails. However, you can also use it as your default email app. This is a free app available for iOS. There are a lot of useful features such as read later, quick tags, and read receipts etc.

    Besides that, you can use the reminder feature to follow up on any emails that the receiver has read but not yet responded to. It also has a calendar invite feature, one-click unsubscribe, attachment tracking features. With the help of the racking feature, you can track if the receiver on the other end has read your email or not. This can come in handy in many circumstances.


    • Airmail:

    Airmail is another simple mail app available for iOS. But this is not a free app. You need to pay $ 4.99 for this app. The developer of Airmail focused on minimalism. Thus, you will have a unified inbox tab named ‘All Inboxes’ where you can access all of your emails. If you want to find specific contents like the attachments, snoozed emails, and to-do list, you can swipe from the left of the screen to bring out the shortcut buttons to these folders.

    Airmail is popular because of its compatibility. It is a cross-platform app, and also it is compatible with a wide variety of other apps and services. So, if you want to integrate the specific apps you already use with the default iOS Mail app, you can do that with ease.


    • Spike:

    Spike was known as Hop. It is a conversation based mail app which focuses on turning emailing into more of a message like conversations. Thus the inbox tab is chat-themed. Normally, you won’t find the email headers and the signatures on the inbox. Rather, it will show you the emails that were sent by people first instead of showing the newsletter and promotion related emails. It also has a unified inbox. It is a free app.


    • Edison Mail:

    This email has become a popular app in the App Store recently. There are a number of reasons behind its popularity. First of all, it is a free app. Next, it has some cool features like customizable swipe settings, personal assistant, integrations with several iOS apps.

    For instance, it easily integrates with the Face ID that means you can lock this app with your Face ID. So, nobody other than you can’t access your emails. The personal assistant helps the user by sorting emails by different kinds of filters. This app also can send you notifications about upcoming flights. It has a nice user-friendly user interface. So, you won’t have to be a professional to get along with this app.


    • Spark:

    Another free but advanced email app for iOS. It also comes with a smart inbox. It can sort the newsletters, promotions, and spams without any problem. Then it will hide them in particular folders for later use. Instead, it will prioritize the most important emails first. We liked the search function of Spark the most. It is very powerful, it can search emails with ease and in no time at all. We would recommend this app if you want a faster operation.


    • Outlook:

    This one doesn’t need any introduction, actually. It is one of the most popular email apps on the App Store. This app has almost everything you want on an email app. This is the ideal mail app for any iOS user. It can easily defeat the default Mail app of iOS in terms of features and the ease of use.


    Wrapping it up:

    All of the apps we have mentioned above has good features. However, it depends entirely on you and your preference to pick the best one for you. If you are not sure about your choice, you should use all of these apps at least for once to get an idea about each of these. That way it will be easier to make a decision.

  • Apple's iOS 12.1.4 Update to Fix FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug


    Recently, a devastating bug was discovered on Apple’s FaceTime app. It was the talk of the town for more than a couple of days. However, fortunately, the bug was fixed on the latest update of the iOS. Let’s know more about this bug.

    For definite security reasons, we wouldn’t share the steps to initiate the bug here. However as this was fixed with the latest update, we will cover the process of initiating the bug down below. Thus you could check it for yourself if the bug is fixed on your iPhone yet.


    The Method:

    • First of all, you need to make a FaceTime call with another person
    • While you are on the call, swipe up from the bottom of the screen
    • Next, tap on the ‘Add Person’ button from there
    • At this point, add your own phone number when it asks for a number

    The moment you add your number for the second time, the call automatically connects without even receiving from the other end. So, you can hear the other person. This was seriously a major bug. Another important point, the other person can’t tell that you can hear them.

    Usually, at first, everybody thought that this was only an audio related bug. So, you can’t hack into their video feed using this bug. But it turned out wrong.

    You can actually hack into their video feed as well. However, in this case, the other person would need to press the power button on their iPhone. This is also another major bug. Because many of us press the power button to make the call go away.


    How to Fix this Bug?

    When it was brought to Apple’s eye, Apple immediately disabled the Group FaceTime calls. However, it was not the ultimate fix. So, the user base waited for a long time to get an end to this bug.

    Ultimately, after a couple of days of waiting, iPhone users found the fix. Apple released a new iOS 12.1.4 update and they fixed the bug with this update. So, you need to update your iPhone’s software to the latest version to get rid of this bug.


    How to update software on your iPhone?

    • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone
    • Then tap on the ‘General’ option from there
    • Tap on the ‘Software Update’ button from there
    • You will see a prompt on the screen saying that a new update is available. You will just need to download the update on your phone. The update will automatically be installed


    Last Words:

    This FaceTime Eavesdropping bug was discovered by a teen accidentally. However, his mother told that they have contacted Apple back on January 20. However, there was no response from Apple even though she sent evidence in the form of emails and video.

    Now that the bug was known worldwide, Apple fixed it as soon as possible. Whatever the case, it is true that this was a very controversial bug. And, we are happy that the bug is now fixed.

  • What to do if you're locked out of your phone after resetting it


    There are times when you need to factory reset your Android phone. Resetting the phone is very easy. But, the problem is with the FRP. FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. This a built-in security system in every Android Phone running Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher.


    What does it do?

    When FRP is activated in your Android device, you can’t use your device after a factory reset unless you sign in using the login credentials of any Google accounts that were set up previously on that very device. This security system is put up by your device manufacturer and Google itself. And, it is automatically activated the moment you sign in using a Google account on your phone for the first time.

    Generally, it might seem an unnecessary system. But it will come in handy when you lose your device or someone steals your phone. Because they might be able to factory reset your device but won’t be able to use it until they log in using your Google Account.

    Now the problem arises when you are locked out from accessing your phone after a factory reset. This might happen if you forget either your email or password which is set up on your device. And, we know how frustrating that can be to get locked out of your own device.

    Now there’s no surefire way to solve this issue. But you can try a number of things to use your phone again if you are locked out of it. Now we will discuss them below.


    Prevention is better than cure:

    Yes, it is 100% true. Whenever you are going to factory reset your phone, you should take note of your Google account and password beforehand. So, after the reset is done, you can easily log in to your device.


    Reset the Password:

    Another thing you can do is to reset the password from another device. Now, there’s a catch here. First of all, you will at least need to know the email address. Without that, you can't reset the password.

    Then, you can’t unlock your phone straight away after resetting the password. Because it takes 24-72 hours to sync the password reset across all of your registered devices to that account. So, after resetting the password, you need to wait at least 24 hours to try to log in once again. We know, it is a hectic solution. But, what can you do?


    The More the Merrier:

    If you have added multiple Google accounts on your device earlier. You can try to log in with any one of them (if you know the login credentials though).


    The Last Resort:

    If you can’t remember any of your Google Account login credentials, then there is one last way you can try. You can go to the official service center of the manufacturer of your Android device with the proof of purchase. Most of the companies have special tools to resolve this particular issue. They might be able to help you out.


    Wrapping things up:

    It is possible that you might have not experienced this issue yet. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t. Thus, you should take the necessary precautions so that you don't have to face this frustrating situation. To save yourself from this, you can set up recovery options for your Google account. So that even if you forget your password, you at least can recover your Google account with the help of that option. We hope this post will help you if you are locked out of your Android phone (unfortunately) in the future.

  • Top 6 things we want to see in Android Q


    Android Q can be released anytime now. It has been almost 6 months since Android Pie was officially unveiled. So, we hope the release date of Android Q is around the corner. Android Pie brought a lot of new features to the table.

    So, with the release of Android Q, we would like to see similar innovations from Google. In this post, we will share the top 6 things we are eager to see in Android Q.

    So, let’s begin...


    • Improve the One-Handed Mode:

    A lot of Android OEMs are actually offering one-handed modes on all of their Android phones. However, it is sad to say that the stock Android Pie (the latest Android version) lacks anything like this feature.

    On top of that phones are getting bigger in size and shape. Thus it is becoming hard to reach for a certain part of the screen comfortably using only one hand. So, it seems a good idea to introduce the One-Handed Mode with Android Q. We actually can’t believe that this feature is yet to be added to the stock Android version. We hope Google does something to save us with bigger sized phones from a lot of hassle.


    • Revamp the entire UI:

    Yes, it is easy to change the appearance of your android effortlessly. However, the stock Android UI has not changed so much for a long time. So, we would really love to see a complete overhaul of the User Interface. And the best thing would be if they bring it out with the next version of Android.


    • Improve the Gesture Navigation:

    With the release of Android Pie, Google introduced gesture-based navigation. At first, the hype was real when it was first announced. But, in reality, when we have tried it for the first time, we were not amused.

    Frankly, the idea behind this feature is not that bad. But the problem is that all of these gestures commands are confusing. So, it has become hard to get familiarize with all the different commands. So, we would be very happy to see any type of improvement regarding the gesture navigation feature in Android Q.


    • Bring the Dark Mode:

    Nowadays, almost every app comes with a dark mode. It comes in handy at night or in low-light. So, whenever you are using an app of that sort, you can take advantage of that useful feature. The problem arises when you close the app. Because Android OS doesn’t have ‘Dark Mode’.

    Truth be told, it is not a good decision from Google. Because the entire user base is waiting for this feature for a long time. There’s a piece of good news though. It is rumored that this time Google will bring the Dark Mode with the release of Android Q throughout the entire OS. We hope it’s true at least this time.


    • Add a built-in screen recorder:

    Android has a built-in screenshot taker from the early days. But, after all these years, sadly, there’s still no built-in screen recorder in Android. On the other side, your phone might already come with a screen recorder out of the box. It totally depends on the brand and model of your phone.

    But the stock Android OS doesn’t come with one. Although you can install any third-party screen recorder to your phone to solve the issue. Yet, it would be great if Google would add it to the next version of Android by default.


    • Better compatibility with Chrome OS:

    Google launched a program named ‘Better Together’ for both Android and Chrome last year. It was brought out to make the experience of using Android and Chrome OS together fun. With the addition of ‘Better Together’, it is now very easy to sync between your Android phone and Chromebook. But, there’s still plenty to improve. So, we hope Google will make sure to make the relationship between its Android and Chrome OS better than ever with the release of Android Q.


    Final Words:

    Although Android currently lacks these features mentioned above, we would have to admit that still, Android is far ahead of its competitors. However, it is unquestionable that the above-mentioned features will make Android better than ever. So, we hope Google will listen to the user base and make these changes in Android Q.

  • How to stop an iOS update that has already started downloading.edited


    Apple is releasing newer updates of its iOS on a regular basis. Each update comes with unique features. Normally, when a new update is released, you will get a notification on your iPhone. If the ‘Automatic Update’ option is enabled, your iPhone will start to download and install the update automatically.

    However, the automatic update can be a problem at times. For instance, if you don't want to update your phone right away. Or you are in a situation where you don’t can’t update your phone due to any specific circumstances.

    At that point, there’s a process to terminate the update or even you can fully delete the downloaded update from your iPhone. And, luckily, this is very easy to do. In this post, we will explain the entire method in a step by step manner.

    So, let’s begin...

    First of all, you will need to check the download progress of the update. Here’s how to do it.


    Steps to Follow:

    • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your iPhone
    • Then tap on ‘General’ option
    • Next tap on the ‘Software Update’ option
    • On that screen, you will see the current status of the update

    Now that you know the latest status of the update, you can stop it. Here’s how to do it.


    Steps to Follow:

    • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your iPhone
    • Next, tap on ‘General’ from there
    • On the next screen, you have to scroll down and tap on ‘iPhone Storage’
    • Once again, scroll down until you find the latest version of iOS and tap on it
    • Then tap on ‘Delete Update’ button
    • A popup will appear. Tap on ‘Delete Update’ once again to confirm the deletion
    • From now on, if you go back to the ‘Software Update’ settings menu, you will find the option to download and install the latest update manually


    Additional Tip:

    • If you want to download any newer updates anytime, you can navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. And, you have to tap on ‘Download and Install’ button to start the update


    Final Words:

    Updating your iPhone to the latest version is very crucial. So, if there’s a new update is available, you should download and install it. But, if you insist to wait for the feedback on the newly released update, you can use the above method to halt the update process.

    We have tried to share the method in the easiest way possible. We hope that you can follow the method without any difficulty. So, if you have followed the method above, you can easily stop any iOS update which has already started downloading or has already been downloaded.

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