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  • How to send voice messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac



    Sometimes, text messages aren't just enough. In those instances, you can take advantage of the voice message feature. If you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user then you can easily send voice messages to your friends and family.

    In today’s post, we will be sharing 2 methods of sending voice messages using your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Both of these methods are very easy to do and can be done in an instant. So, let’s learn.


    Method 1:

    In this method, we will use the default ‘iMessage' app of your Apple device to send the voice message. You'll need at least iOS 8 on your iPhone/iPad to use this method. So, let's begin.

    Steps to Follow:

    • First of all, launch the ‘iMessage’ app. Then open a new message thread or you can open a previous one as well. Make sure you have selected the correct recipient

    • Now, for iOS — you have to tap and continue holding the microphone icon to record your voice message and let go of it when you’re done

    • For Mac — just click on the microphone icon to start and stop the recording session

    • After the completion of the recording, you will see 3 different options

    Tap the ‘Play/ icon to listen to the recording prior to sending it

    Tap the ‘Delete/X’ icon to delete the recording if you are not satisfied with it

    • And tap the ‘Send/ (Upward Arrow button) to send the audio message

    • That’s it. To be noted, by default the delivered audio message will be deleted automatically in a moment after the delivery is completed. However, if you want to save it for yourself you can tap on the ‘Keep’ button under the delivered message. Or you can change the default settings of iMessage to prevent the auto-deletion

    • The recipient will be able to play the message by tapping on the ‘Play/button on their device

    • The recipient must have iMessage on their device. Otherwise, you can’t use this method to send an audio message to that particular recipient

    Now, let’s learn another quick method.


    Method 2:

    In this method, we will be using the ‘Voice Memos’ app of your Apple device to record the voice message. Then we will use the ‘Messages' app to share it. So, let's do it.

    Steps to Follow:

    • First, launch the ‘Voice Memos’ app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

    • Then tap or click on the ‘Record’ button (big red circle) to start recording your message

    • When you are done recording your message, you need to tap the ‘Record’ button once again on iOS to stop recording. And on Mac to stop the recording, you need to click the ‘Done’ button

    • To send the audio recording, tap the ‘More’ (3 horizontal dots) button and then hit the ‘Share’ button on iOS. And, on Mac, click on the ‘Sharing’ button

    • After that, select the ‘Message(s)’ app and once the ‘Messages’ app opens, enter your recipient and send it. You can also use any other app to send the voice message. It is not compulsory to use the ‘Messages’ app in this instance. But, remember, the recipient must have the same app you are using to send the recording

    • After sending the voice message, you can return to the ‘Voice Memos’ app and delete the recorded message by tapping on the ‘Delete/Bin’ icon next to the recording

    By this time, we hope that you know how to send a voice message on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it out. We believe you will like it.

  • Our Top Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case Picks



    Ever since the release of the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung, it has continued to generate a lot of sensationalism in the smartphone markets all over the world. This can be attributed to its premium features as well as its stylish physical appeal. The performance of the phone is always great as long as the battery holds the charge. Battery cases ensure you get the best out of your smartphone by extending its battery life for a sustainable service. There are multiple battery cases offered in the market today ranging from Mophie Juice Pack and ZeroLemon SlimPower. We will guide you to get the best case accessible to you in the market today.

    Top Price Battery Case Mophie 2950mAh Juice Pack 

    Mophie company has earned itself quite a reputation with its quality battery cases hence can charge top dollar but all the same worth every penny. It avails to you a considerable battery capacity through the day and is designed stylishly to complement your Galaxy Note 8. The company fully stands behind its product offering you a reliable customer service for any arising queries. The market value of Mophie is $100.

    Modular Battery Case Mophie Charge Force Case Coupled with Powerstation

    The Charge Force Case is another recommendable option from the same trusted company. The exterior design of the case is admirable incorporating a stylish trim of leather with a plastic body that is reinforced and to top it up, it has magnetic properties. It utilizes the Qi cordless charging system to fill up the Samsung Note 8. The battery pack is detachable hence you can remove once done charging. This is offered at a pocket-friendly price of $50.

    Huge Capacity Battery Case ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power

    The ultra power is relatively larger than all the other models but packs a higher affinity of charge hence securing your battery for extended durations. This is highly recommended for users of Note 8 who are always on the road for long hours. Its exterior is designed with rubber which shields it from physical impact making it very durable. The market value for the ZeroLemon 10000mAh Ultra Power is $71 only.

    Slim Fit Battery Case ZeroLemon 5500mAh SlimPower

    This caters to all your battery needs and is exceptionally light making it very convenient to carry around. It provides you with half the capacity of charge when compared to other described models but it is readily affordable and pocket-friendly making it suitable for users of Samsung Note 8 who do not travel frequently. It also features a sleek design and has a market value of $30 only.

    Runsy Battery Case 6500mAh

    This also features a very slim design outdoing the ZeroLemon 5500mAh SlimPower when it comes to pocket friendliness. The Runsy has also received a favorable feedback from different users indicating a great performance over an extended period of time. It is currently valued at $50 making it a preferential choice for many Samsung smartphone users.

    PowerBear Battery Case 4500mAh

    The PowerBear is another informed choice for Galaxy Note 8 users as it gives them the best value for their money. With a power affinity of 4500mAh, it is guaranteed to give you steady charge for long durations. Its exterior also features a superior design that gives it a good feel on the hands. It is also very affordable setting you back only $30 and offered with a screen guard and a two-year limited warranty.

    Galaxy Note 8 users are advised to be keen when selecting battery cases as it is easy to purchase a substandard product in the current market. The battery cases we recommend are however proven to be effective and perform exemplary.

  • How to save storage space on your new iPhone or iPad



    So you got a new iOS device. We know the feeling. Awesome, isn’t it? But, there’s a slight problem. You can’t use it to its full potential unless you customize it your way. There are a lot of things to do before you can use your new phone comfortably.

    And, one of them is to install your favorite apps or games. But the problem arises when the size of the apps you are going to install is large. There might be a time when you won't have enough space to install a new game on your device.

    But, fear not. You can delete/uninstall some of the pre-installed apps to save storage space. As you will notice, there are a lot of apps comes pre-installed with your phone. It is possible that you won’t use some of those apps anytime soon.

    So, it is better to delete them and install some new apps which you will use instead. The apps you are going to delete depends totally on your preference. For instance, there are a number of apps which take a lot of space but are not necessary for a normal user. Some of them are: Keynote (691 MB), GarageBand (1.7 GB), Numbers (476.7 MB) etc.

    Now, it totally depends on you. You might be an avid user of GarageBand. So, if that’s the case, don't get rid of that app. However, you will find some apps which you won’t use and you can delete them.

    We will share 2 methods of deleting apps from your iOS device down below. Both of these methods are very easy. So, follow the instructions to learn the methods.


    Method 1:

    Steps to Follow:

    • At first, find the icon of the app you want to delete. Then tap and hold on that icon until all the icons begin to jiggle

    • Then you'll notice an ‘X’ icon on top of each app’s icon. You have to tap on that ‘X’ icon next

    • Now, a new popup window will appear to confirm the deletion. Simply, tap on the ‘Delete’ button and the app will be deleted

    This is the easiest way to delete an app from an iOS device. However, if you don't know which app to delete, you can learn the specification of any app at first. Then you can easily delete them. So, let's see how to identify apps you want to delete.


    Method 2:

    Steps to Follow:

    • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your iOS device

    • Next, tap on the ‘General’ option and then tap on ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’

    • On the next page, tap on the ‘Manage Storage’ option

    • You will find the list of all the apps installed on your phone (with the information of the space they are taking). Tap on the app you want to delete

    • Then from the next page, tap on the red colored ‘Delete App’ button

    • A new popup window will appear to confirm the deletion. Tap on ‘Delete App’ again to delete the app completely

    So, this is the way you can find out the apps which are taking too much space. And, you can delete them in an instant by following either of the methods mentioned above. We hope this will help you to enjoy your new iOS device the way you want to.

  • How to restore your apps and settings to a new Android phone

    Restore Android


    Restoring your data on a new android phone is so simple. If you have got a new Android phone, you might want to restore all the settings from your previous phone. But, as first, you need to take backup from your previous phone.

    In this post, we will tell you how to backup and restore data on an Android phone. So, let’s get started.


    Backup data from your old phone:

    • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your Android phone. You can access ‘Settings’ from the notification bar easily

    • Now, scroll and tap on the ‘System’ button from the next page

    • Then, tap on the ‘Backup’ button

    • Make sure that the ‘Back up to Google Drive’ option is toggled on

    • Now, if you are connected to the internet, your apps data and settings will be backed up to your Google drive account

    This is how you start backing up data from your Android phone. Now, you might not find the ‘Backup’ option on your phone. Depending on the Android version and the manufacturer of your phone, the ‘Settings’ menu layout could be different.

    However, you need to find the equivalent of the ‘Backup’ option. That might be labeled as ‘Backup and Restore’ or ‘Backup and Reset’ on your particular phone. Whatever the case, select that option and enable the backup process from there.


    Restore data on your new phone:

    • Switch ON your new phone. And from the welcome page, select the language

    • Then, tap on the ‘Let’s Go’ option

    Tap on the ‘Copy your data’ button from the next page

    • Then connect to a ‘Wi-Fi network’. If you prefer mobile data then you don't need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. However, we recommend Wi-Fi network for this

    • You will find several options to restore the data from the cloud on the next page. Tap on the ‘A backup from the cloud’ option

    • And sign in to the Google Account where you have taken the backup of your previous phone

    • Then tap on ‘I agree’ button from the bottom

    • Next, you will find multiple backups. Select the one you want to restore and tap on ‘Restore’ button

    • That's all. You can proceed with setting up your phone from there. And, in the background, your data will be restored

    We hope this was easy. You have to remember, the settings layout and the name of the options might be different from version to version even in case of the restoring process. But, the basic process will be similar for every version of Android. So, try this method out, if you have got a new Android device.

  • How to reset your Notes password on iPhone, iPad and Mac



    Do you take notes using the ‘Notes’ app on your iOS or Mac devices? This is a neat way to organize your ideas. One of the handy features of the ‘Notes' app is that you can lock any notes with a password. However, it is possible to forget the password anytime.

    If that’s the case for you, don't be worried. Because you can easily reset your password. And, right now, we will share how to reset the password of ‘Notes' app on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. So, let's go.


    Method for iPhone and iPad:

    Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your phone and tap on ‘Notes’ from there

    Tap on the ‘Password’ button

    • Next, you have to tap on the ‘Reset Password’ button

    • Now, you will see a pop up where you need to enter the password for your Apple ID and click on ‘OK’

    • At that point, you will see a warning will pop up. However, tap on ‘Reset Password’ once again

    • In doing so, you will be taken to the ‘Set Password’ section. Complete the ‘Password’, ‘Verify’, and ‘Hint’ fields and tap ‘Done’

    • That is all.


    Method for Mac:

    Navigate to the menu bar and click on the ‘Notes’ button and then click on ‘Preferences’

    • Now, click on the ‘Reset Password’ button from the right bottom corner of the popup window

    • A new pop up window will appear with a warning. To skip, click on ‘OK’

    • Now, you have to enter the password for your Apple ID and click ‘OK’

    • Next, click on the ‘Reset Password’ button again

    • At that moment, you will have to enter the new password and a hint on the popup window and click on the ‘Set Password’ button


    An alternative method for Mac:

    This method will work if you already have locked notes but forgot the password. So, here we go.

    • Go and create a new note and try to lock that

    • You will be asked for the password to lock the note. As you don’t know the password you can enter anything and click on ‘OK’

    • You have to try 3 times and after 3 wrong attempts you will be shown the ‘Hint’ of your password

    • Also, the ‘Reset Password’ button will appear on that window. Now, click on the ‘Reset Password’ button

    • After that, you have to enter your password for your Apple ID and reset the password as we have described on the previous section

    We hope that was easy. If you have followed the instructions above, you can easily reset the password of the ‘Notes’ app from this moment. And if you do reset the password, we highly recommend to include a ‘Hint’, so that you can remember your password more easily.

  • How to make an iPhone screen recording with and without sound

    iPhone recording


    There's a very simple way to record your iPhone's screen. In fact, you don't have to use any third-party software to do that. The screen recording function is built into your iPhone. Added to that, you can also record your screen with external sound.

    We have described the whole process in this step by step guide below. The process is so simple. So, if you want to record your iPhone screen, start reading the rest of this post.


    Steps to follow:

    • Go to the screen which you want to record and swipe up your from the bottom of the screen to bring out the ‘Control Center’

    • Then tap on the ‘Screen Record/ button. A 3 seconds countdown will begin instantly. After the countdown ends, the recording will start

    • When the recording begins, a red bar will appear across the top edge of your screen. This means your recording is in progress

    • You can tap that ‘Red Bar’ to stop the recording. After you tap the ‘Red bar’, you will see a prompt asking ‘Stop Screen Recording?’. You can tap on ‘Stop’ to end the recording session. Otherwise, tap on ‘Cancel’ to continue recording

    Now, if you want to record external audio as well, you can do that with ease. Let’s see how.


    How to record iPhone screen with External Sound:

    Press and hold the ‘Screen Recording/ button from the ‘Control Center’

    • Then you will see a ‘Microphone’ icon. Tap that icon to turn on the microphone of your phone. From that point, it will record external sound

    • Lastly, tap on ‘Start Recording’ button

    • If you don't want to record external sound then tap on the ‘Microphone’ button once more. It will deactivate the microphone

    There’s a chance, you might not find the ‘Screen Recording/ button on the ‘Control Center’. If that is the case for you, it needs to be manually added. Here’s how to do it.


    How to add ‘Screen Recording’ button:

    Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your iPhone

    Tap on the ‘Control Center’ button and then tap on the ‘Customize Controls’ button

    • On the next page, look for the ‘Screen Recording’ button under the ‘More Controls’ tab. After you have found it, tap on the ‘Plus/+’ sign next to it

    • In doing so, the ‘Screen Recording’ button will go under the ‘Include’ tab. Usually, it will be on the last spot, you can drag it to move to an upper spot if you want to

    If you have followed the above instructions, you will find the ‘Screen Recording' button on the ‘Control Center' now. We believe that you can record anything from your iPhone screen with ease from now on.

  • How to get birthday notifications on Android phone

    Google Calendar


    Getting a notification prior to someone’s birthday can be a lifesaver. That way, you can be prepared beforehand. Whether you want to send a gift or arrange a surprise party for them, it is possible only if you know when their birthday is coming.

    Fortunately, if you have added them as your contacts on your phone or on Google+, their birthdays will be automatically synced to your Google calendar. So, let’s learn how to do that at first. Then we will tell you how to get a notification of any one’s birthday on your Android phone.


    How to add birthdays to Google Calendar from Google+ circles and contacts:

    Launch the ‘Google Calendar’ app on your phone

    • Now, swipe from the left edge of your screen to right. It will bring out the customization options for the app

    • From there, scroll down until you find the ‘Birthdays’ option. If there’s a checkmark next to the ‘Birthdays’ option then it’s all right. But, if there’s not, just tap it once to checkmark it. In doing so, all the birthdays will now appear on the calendar app

    You can also change the settings of the ‘Birthdays’ calendar. You can choose which birthdays to include. Here’ how to do it.


    Steps to Follow:

    • Again, swipe from the left edge of the screen to right. And scroll down to bottom and tap on the ‘Settings’ button from there

    • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the ‘Birthdays’ button

    • On the next page, you can change the color of the ‘Birthdays’ calendar. Tap on the ‘Color’ button and change the color to your preference

    • Next, tap on the Gmail account of yours and select ‘Google+ circles and Contacts’. It will import all the birthdays of your Google+ Circles and your phone’s contacts to the Google Calendar

    So, if you go through the dates, you will find all the birthdays of your friends and family on the ‘Google Calendar’. Now, if you want to get notifications every year before their birthday, you have to set up reminder manually within the app. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t send automatic notifications for the birthdays.


    How to set a Birthday reminder on Google Calendar:

    Open the ‘Google Calendar’ app

    • Now, find the date of a friend’s birthday of which you want to get a notification

    • Then, tap on the big ‘Plus/sign from the bottom right corner of the screen

    • Next, tap on the ‘Reminder’ button

    • On the next page, enter all the information (Date, Time, and Name) that required. Then tap on the ‘Does not repeat’ button. A popup will appear with several options. Select ‘Every year’ so that you get the reminder each year. Remember to set the reminder before their actual birth date. If you want you can set multiple reminders

    • At last, tap on the ‘Save’ button from the top right corner of the screen

    That’s all. From now on, you will be notified every year of your friend’s birthday.


    Last Words:

    If you want automatic notifications then you can use third-party apps. However, there are not many good apps for that. You can try either of these apps though- Contact Events & Birthdays PRO and Contact Events & Birthdays Free. Even though, we recommend the manual method.

  • How to fix Google Pixel 3 battery life problems

    Google Pixel 3 battery life


    Google has just launched the Google Pixel 3. It comes with all the trendy features you would expect on a smartphone nowadays. However, a lot of users has complained about the Battery.

    It comes with a 2915 mAh battery. In a way, this is not that bad. But, if you compare it to its competitors then you have to admit that this is a weak point of Google’s flagship. So, if you are not satisfied with the battery life of your Pixel 3. You are at the right place.

    We will be sharing some tips which can help you to fix the battery life problems of your phone. So, let’s start.


    Check the battery usage details:

    Before you do anything, you need to check where the battery is going. You can find out the details of battery usage of your Pixel 3 by following the method below.

    • Go to the 'Settings' of your phone

    • Then tap on the ‘Battery’ option

    • From there, you can check the Battery usage by taping the menu button (three vertical dots) from the top-right corner. You can learn which features/apps of your phone are consuming the battery

    • If you want to get the best result, then you should check the battery usage when your battery is low. If you check the stats at the start, you won’t find out the real culprits


    Reduce display sleep time:

    The screen of your phone is one of the many things which drains the battery. By default, the screen timeout is set up to 30 seconds. It means that if you don't use your phone then the screen of your phone will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.

    However, in many cases, we need to have a screen timeout of more than 30 seconds. So, if you have increased the ‘screen timeout’ time, you should reduce it. This can save a lot of battery power. To change the settings, go to Settings>Display>Sleep and choose 15 or 30 seconds from the menu.


    Stop using Live Wallpaper:

    There’s no denying that live wallpapers are a fun addition to your phone. And, Google has added a lot of cool live wallpapers on the Pixel 3. Although those wallpapers are nice to look at, they are bad for your battery life.

    So, if you are having problems with your Pixel 3’s battery life, then you should stop using live wallpapers. Instead, you can use any static wallpapers.


    Stop using third party launcher:

    Android is popular for its customizability. You can easily use a third party launcher to change the look of your phone if you don't like the default launcher provided by Google. However, the third-party launchers are power hungry. So, you can ditch the third-party launcher. It will save you a lot of battery. Moreover, the default launcher on Pixel 3 is great.


    Use the Battery Saver function:

    This option is only recommended for emergency case. You don't need to turn on battery saver all the time. We would recommend turning on the ‘Battery Saver’ mode when your battery is as low as 15%.

    You can turn this feature on by going to ‘Settings’>Battery’. Also, you will find a shortcut to activate the mode on your notification bar labeled as ‘Battery Saver’. You can turn on and off the function with just a tap from there.


    Turn off Ambient display function:

    The ‘Ambient Display’ function can be a very useful one at times. But, it also has its shortcomings. Yes, it will also drain your battery. So, you can turn that off as well. You can turn it off by navigating to ‘Settings>Display>Ambient Display’ on your phone. Then, toggle off the ‘Always On’ option. You can keep the ‘Lift to check phone’ option turned ON though.


    Turn on Adaptive Battery function:

    This is an awesome function from Google to save some of your battery juice. You can turn it on by going to ‘Settings>Battery>Adaptive Battery’ option. In doing so, your phone will restrict the infrequently used apps to use the battery power. However, you might not receive push notifications for some of the apps if you activate this function.


    Wrapping it up:

    If you want to get the best out of your phone’s battery life then you must compromise. We have stated some of the best ways to do that. But, you should not use all of these methods at once. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy using your phone.

  • How to customize Active Edge on the Google Pixel 3

    Active Edge on the Google Pixel 3


    Google has introduced the ‘Active Edge’ feature back in 2017. The Google Pixel 2 was the first Google phone which had this unique feature. However, the latest flagship from Google, the Pixel 3 also comes with it. It is an interesting yet handy feature.

    If you are a new owner of the Pixel 3, you might not know about this feature at all. So, here’s a bit of information regarding the ‘Active Edge’ feature for you. The ‘Active Edge' allows you to perform a number of tasks by just squeezing both sides of your phone.

    With the help of this feature, you can launch Google Assistant, or silence timers, alarms, and incoming calls etc. However, if you have not calibrated the squeeze sensitivity, it might get activated accidentally. And, nobody likes that to happen. However, you can actually customize the sensitivity of the squeeze as well to fix this issue.

    So, in this post, we will share how to customize the ‘Active Edge’ feature on the Google Pixel 3. To know all about this, you can start reading the step by step guide below.


    Steps to Follow:

     Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of your phone. You can pull down the ‘Notification bar’ from the top edge of your phone and then tap the ‘Settings’ icon to open the settings menu

    • Now, scroll all the way down and tap on the ‘System’ option

    • From there, tap on ‘Gestures’ option

    • Then tap on ‘Active Edge’ option

    • In there, you can find all the settings related to the ‘Active Edge’ feature and customize them

    • First, the ‘Squeeze sensitivity’ option reflects how hard you need to squeeze the sides of your phone to trigger the ‘Active Edge’ feature

    • You can move the slider from left to right to increase the squeeze sensitivity and vice-versa. After that, you can squeeze the phone to see if the feature is activated or not

    • You will also find another 3 options related to this feature below the ‘Squeeze sensitivity’ option. Those are pretty self-explanatory. You will be able to customize them your way

    • If you want to turn off the ‘Active Edge’ feature completely then, toggle off all the options by tapping each of them. However, we would recommend turning all of these option to get the best of this feature

    That is all you need to know to customize the ‘Active Edge' feature on your Pixel 3. We believe you can do this yourself from now on by following the instructions above. So, go and take advantage of this feature. Or if you think it is not for you, you can turn it off entirely too. It's up to you now.

  • Best Android Phones - Holiday 2018

    Android phone 2018


    There are a plethora of Android smartphone manufacturers out there. Each of them is incessantly bringing out new phones each and every month. The entire Android smartphone market is so broad that it is actually pretty tough to make a list of the best Android phones. Yet for our readers, we are going to try anyway.


    In this post, we will be talking about some of the best Android phones of 2018. If you want to get a new one during this holiday, you might be in a dilemma. We hope this post will help you to make your final decision. So, let’s begin.


    First and foremost, we will be exploring the flagship ones.

    • Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+:

    Samsung’s latest additions to its ‘S’ Series were the Galaxy S9 and S9+. When these came out the price of the phones were a little bit high. But, recently, Samsung has cut down the prices. As flagship phones, the prices are now somewhat reasonable. Thus these two phones go to the first place of our list automatically.

    Samsung hasn't done anything unusual with the design of these two phones. Rather they have kept everything simple. So, you will get the headphone jack and there are no weird notches on the display too. If you want a compact phone then you can go with the Galaxy S9, it comes with a 5.8" display. Otherwise, you can get the Galaxy S9+ which has a 6.2" display.

    However, with the increasing of the display size, the Galaxy S9+ also has some other additional features which the Galaxy S9 lacks. For instance, you get one extra camera on the back, more battery power, and many more things. So, if you are thinking about getting the best deal then get either of these phones.

    • OnePlus 6/6T:

    If you are not a Samsung fan or just want to try a new brand then the OnePlus 6 or 6T can be a perfect choice. Both of these phones have a lot in common. Yet they have several dissimilar specifications. First, you will have a bigger display on the OnePlus 6T (6.41") than the OnePlus 6 (6.28"). Next, the OnePlus 6 has the generic rear-mounted fingerprint sensor whereas the OnePlus 6T has an in-display fingerprint sensor. Besides that, the notch is smaller on the OnePlus 6T.

    But unfortunately, not everything is better on the OnePlus 6T. For example, it does not have a headphone jack. That can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. However, if you are not a fan of the headphone jack, then this would be the best choice for you. If not then you have the OnePlus 6 as an excellent choice.

    • Xiaomi Pocophone F1:

    We have talked about only flagships till now. So at this point, we will explore the ‘mid-range’ phones. Although the Pocophone F1 came as a mid-range phone, the specifications actually tell that it can easily compete with the flagship phones out there. With a 6.18" bezel-less display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and a 4,000mAh battery, it sure packs a lot of power.

    Even though you should know, to keep the production cost low, Xiaomi had to cut some corners here and there. For example, it has a plastic body and a hybrid SIM/SD card tray. Other than that, everything is fine.

    If you take a lot of selfies then you will like this one. It has a 20 MP front camera which is capable of taking 1080p videos at 30 fps. So, if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money yet want to get a phone with premium specifications and look then you can check it out.

    Budget-friendly ones:

    • Honor 7X/Honor 9 Lite:

    Both of these phones were released back in December 2017. These two phones have some incredible features and specifications but within an affordable price range. So, even after more than a year of their release, they are still in the competition. If you need to get a phone without breaking the bank then either of these can be a great choice.

    Honorable Mention:

    • Google Pixel 3:

    The latest addition to the pixel family of Google is the Pixel 3. It has been just released in October 2018. Everything about the specifications and features of this phone is positive except its 2915 mAh battery. And truth be told, it actually comes with a pretty good camera performance.

    On the other hand, the price is also a bit higher compared to its competitors. So, if you don’t have problems with the battery and want to snap awesome pictures then you can give this a try.

    Wrapping things up:

    There you have it. A list of the best android phones you can get during this holiday. We hope you will be able to find the best match for you from this list. So, make your decision and get the one you like.

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